SLAN Summer Party 2013 Tickets Available NOW!

February 17th, 2013 No comments


Yes, quite possibly the most fun you can have in a weekend, StratLAN summer party 2013 is coming! And you can be a part of it, just buy your ticket NOW! At just £65 for 5 days of LAN (Thats just £13 per day) there is so much packed into one event. NEW for 2013 is the option to upgrade to MONSTER LAN! This adds 3 more days making your LAN a full EIGHT DAYS! It’s every gamers dream, and may as well be your main holiday! Just add the service to your booking when you purchase your ticket and your seat will be safely booked for the full MONSTER duration! Or if you can’t handle that amount of awesome, then simply book the standard 5 days.

So, why would you come to StratLAN summer party 2013?

  • RED VERSUS BLUE (or a similar competitive fun competition – TBA)
  • Epic summer BBQ x 2 (Friday and Sunday)
  • Convenient tuck shop
  • Walk-in Fridge-o-win
  • Indoor sleeping
  • On site camping
  • Decent Free Showers
  • Social Area (Bring your own beer!)
  • Card Games
  • Board Games
  • Xbox area including Rock Band
  • Loads of LAN PC gaming
  • Magic the Gathering Drafts
  • Loads of prizes for competitive fun organise games during the weekend

  • Services available:

    • PC Rentals (Pro package includes i7 PC and 22″ iiyama monitor)
    • Monitor Rentals £35 (22″ iiyama)
    • BBQ £7 per day (max 2)
    • Server Co-location £10

    So does this sound like something you want to be a part of? Make sure you head over to the StratLAN ticket page and reserve your place now – be warned, Summer notoriously sells out REALLY quickly, so book now to avoid disappointment.

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StratLAN Winter Warmer Social (Feb) 2013 and Season Tickets available!

December 17th, 2012 No comments


Yes, you read that right, if the world does not end this Friday, then you will be able to come back to Stratford-on-Avon and LAN once again!

February SLAN (dubbed the StratLAN Winter Warmer Social 2013) is available now, at an awesome £52 you can enjoy 4 days of LAN gaming, board gaming, card gaming, drinking and general social epicness at your favourite cozy LAN venue! Get your ticket here!

Overclockers enjoyed themselves so much they are returning and bringing the “order to your desk” service they supply at our bigger brother – iSeries. Keep an eye out for more information on that soon! Also watch out for further exciting announcements in the coming months!

Season Tickets

If you are going to be attending all 4 StratLANs next year then you really need to get yourself the 2013 Season Ticket! This gives you access to two 4 day and two 5 day SLAN events for £184 (that is a £50 discount!) and priority seating where you are placed in the seat you previously sat at – BEFORE we open the seat picker to the public (if available).

To get your season ticket, ring the office at ++44 (0)845 868 1337 and ask for your StratLAN 2013 season ticket and we will sort it for you!

For your reference, below are all of the dates you will need in your diary:

StratLAN “Winter Warmer Social” – 15th to 18th February 2013

StratLAN “Summer Party” – 4th to 8th July 2013

StratLAN “Autumn Social” – 19th to 22nd September 2013

StratLAN “Christmas Party” – 5th to 9th December 2013

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Projector Games at StratLAN Xmas Party 2012

August 2nd, 2012 No comments


It’s only 2 weeks since StratLAN summer party kicked off, and our Xmas Party is almost sold out! Less than 20 spaces remain in our 171 capacity Xmas party LAN, and we have a welcome guest to the venue..

Projector games are going to be there, with some awesome big screen gaming action. A big favourite amongst LAN goers is Tactics Forever, which will be taking place during the weekend, for everyone to create an all powerful spaceship that tries to defeat other ships created by your fellow players.

If you are on the fence about coming to our awesome Xmas LAN, don’t forget that we have Secret Santa, Morning Bacon, a board and card games room (this time with no singing!) and the main social area with drinks for all during the Friday night party, and that does not even include the awesome LAN gaming going on all weekend! Grab your ticket now to avoid disappointment.

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Magic the Gathering drafts at Summer StratLAN 2012!

July 16th, 2012 No comments

Those of you with a bit of a card fetish will be pleased to know that we’ve organised some Drafting Magic the Gathering fun!

Taking place across the weekends, we’ll have a selection of Drafts from the brand new M13 and also Avacyn Restored, the latest set in the Innistrad Block.

We’ll be charging £10 for these drafts, including decent prize support. Based on the Swiss tournament format, you can read more about drafting here if you’re unfamiliar.

So, rock up with your dice and your deck sleeves, and we’ll do the rest.

Scheduling will be played by ear during the event to work around RvB and similar, so keep an eye/ear out for announcements on the day.

See you at StratLAN!

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SLAN RvB – The time has come to make a choice…

July 3rd, 2012 No comments

Warriors. The time has come to make a choice.

Preparations for battle are well under way, and time has come for you to pick the battles you can win in order to seek out victory in the war!

The battles throughout the weekend are as follows:

1. UT2004 TAM 5v5 (Pro / Inter / Noob)
2. BLUR FFA (Pro / Inter / Noob)
3. League of Legends (Pro / Inter / Noob)
4. BF3 16vs16 (Pro / Inter / Noob)
5. TF2 8v8 (Pro / Inter / Noob)
6. Starcraft 2 (Leagues)
7. Medieval Total War 2 (Complete Pack) (Pro / Inter / Noob)
8. Guitar Hero (Pro / Inter / Noob)
9. Street Fighter IV (Pro / Inter / Noob)
10. The Boat Race
11. –Mystery Emulator Challenge Tournament of Win–

You must head to your email, and find the link that will whisk you off to the RvB Signup Form, where you must make your choice.

Remember, you must be honest with your level. There are no prizes other than pride, glory & honour at stake, and no pride can be taken from beating a feeble opponent!

You can see the full list of your allies and enemies by clicking here, and the schedule will fall as follows:

Good luck brave warriors!

Choose your battles wisely, and we will see you when the time comes to prove your worth…

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Summer SLAN – Red vs Blue – Your time has come!

June 22nd, 2012 No comments


Not much remains until the commencement of Summer SLAN 2012, and with it the eternal struggle of the colours that are Red & Blue.

The battle will last days.

It will turn lifelong friends into bitter enemies.

It will bring hardcore gamers to their very knee’s… AND YET, if you have not signed up you will be but a mere spectator of this epic battle for victory.

Therefore my fellow warriors, my fellow ninjas and pirates alike, JOIN US, and become part of the battle for GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what you must do:
1. Go to your email.
2. Find the StratLAN email we sent a couple of days ago.
3. Follow the instructions.
4. Prepare for battle.

Good luck.

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StratLAN Summer Party 2012 – Red vs Blue Poll

June 7th, 2012 No comments

With only 44 days to go, the StratLAN Summer Party is nearly upon us! We are so very close to being sold out, with only 2 tickets available at the time of this post, if you wanted to come along, make sure you get in fast! Do not fear however if you can not get a BYOC ticket, come as a spectator instead and enjoy some social games and fun.

As usual the summer StratLAN takes on a slightly more competitive edge, with the Red vs Blue challenge which takes place all weekend. Everyone is in one of the two teams and can take part in a variety of games, fps, racing, RTS and more – even some really old titles that you may miss playing from years gone by!

What we need YOU to do, if you are attending, is to vote on how you think the teams should be decided via the Red vs Blue poll on this forum thread.

If you already voted in the previous poll, come and vote again!

Keep your eye on this space and the forums for more information regarding which games will be played, along with other details like the BBQ, T-Shirts and some other super secret things :)

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StratLAN Summer Party 2012 Extra Seats Added!

March 2nd, 2012 No comments

StratLAN Summer Party 2012

We sold out of StratLAN Summer Party 2012 in record time and have decided to add extra seating to the event so more people can join in the awesomeness!!

The total capacity is now at 150, but make sure you book your ticket soon as the extra seats will go fast!

This will mean there are some changes coming to StratLAN, sleeping will now be moved to the Grandstand, the large building just past the car-park.

We will be releasing full details next week, including – Red Vs Blue, More Bacon, Seating plan updates and more

To book just head over to the StratLAN booking page, see you there!

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StratLAN Summer Party 2012 Sold Out!

February 28th, 2012 No comments

StratLAN Sell Out!

That’s right, StratLAN Summer Party 2012 is now sold out with 110 lucky people getting places for the the hottest place to be this summer!

Didn’t get a ticket? Fear not! We are looking at options which might allow us to increase the attendance size, watch this space.

In the mean time, as the event is full you can still add yourself to the reserve list just in-case people cancel. Head over to the booking page and go to pay for the ticket as normal and you will see the link to reserve your space.

Reserved spaces are on a first come first serve bases so make sure you secure a place today!

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StratLAN summer party 2012! Tickets on Sale

February 22nd, 2012 No comments

Summer Party 2012 tickets on sale now!

Sign-ups are now open for StratLAN summer party 2012!

For those of you who haven’t been to a StratLAN event before, it’s the heart of our social gaming. With the whole lan often playing the same game, it’s very easy to make new friends at a StratLAN event, and it’s not just for regular members of our community!

StratLAN Summer Party 2012 is being held at Stratford Upon Avon Racecource from 6pm on Thursday 19th – Monday 23rd July. With Space for 110 people make sure you book your ticket fast to avoid disappointment.

StratLAN has a new 60Mb ‘net connection which can handle 110 people with ease, just be sure to update your steam before you get to the event :)

What will be happening at StratLAN Summer you ask? Well let us tell you…

Red Vs Blue. Now a regular at StratLAN summer Parties RvB is half the LAN vs half the LAN, playing against each other in a range of games from TF2 to SC2. Get ready for some pwnage and this will get messy!

More Big Games. It’s often something that people feed back to us, and we try very hard to ensure that we get as many big games sorted as we can. However, we are going to be putting more time & effort into making sure that we have more big matches of the games you want to play. Games on the radar so far include TF2, Blur, BF3, CSS, COD4 and UT2k4, but we will add whatever games people want to play!

Hangover Breakfast. It’s not unheard of that the occasional gamer will have a tipple of the good stuff during an evening of SLAN, and as a result can feel slightly “worse for wear” the following morning. But this cannot affect the days gaming! The answer? Bacon. Multiplay to the rescue! We will be putting on cooked Bacon breakfast baps for weary gamers each morning, to help you start your day of gaming right.

Summer BBQ’s. We will be cooking BBQ’s on the Friday and the Sunday, £6 a day for the finest burgers, sausages and Chinese pork loin! To add BBQ’s to your ticket simply add it on as an additional service on ticket booking page.

Console & Chillout Area. A big, proper, dedicated chill out area for watching films, TV, playing console games or catching up on something sad on TV on Saturday night.

Tuck Shop. The tuck shop is back to SLAN after some time away, but it won’t be anything like the size of the iSeries tuck shop! With some cans & snacks on offer, there will be enough to get you through between meals.

PC and Monitor Rentals available. If you are coming from afar and can’t bring your PC or monitor then why not rent one from us? i7 machine and 22″ monitors are available to hire.

If that sounds like your cup of tea then get over to the booking page and secure your place today!

Why not invite your friends? We have a Facebook event set-up for StratLAN Summer Party 2012, invite your friends and share the LAN goodness :D

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