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Magic the Gathering drafts at Summer StratLAN 2012!

July 16th, 2012 No comments

Those of you with a bit of a card fetish will be pleased to know that we’ve organised some Drafting Magic the Gathering fun!

Taking place across the weekends, we’ll have a selection of Drafts from the brand new M13 and also Avacyn Restored, the latest set in the Innistrad Block.

We’ll be charging £10 for these drafts, including decent prize support. Based on the Swiss tournament format, you can read more about drafting here if you’re unfamiliar.

So, rock up with your dice and your deck sleeves, and we’ll do the rest.

Scheduling will be played by ear during the event to work around RvB and similar, so keep an eye/ear out for announcements on the day.

See you at StratLAN!

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SLAN RvB – The time has come to make a choice…

July 3rd, 2012 No comments

Warriors. The time has come to make a choice.

Preparations for battle are well under way, and time has come for you to pick the battles you can win in order to seek out victory in the war!

The battles throughout the weekend are as follows:

1. UT2004 TAM 5v5 (Pro / Inter / Noob)
2. BLUR FFA (Pro / Inter / Noob)
3. League of Legends (Pro / Inter / Noob)
4. BF3 16vs16 (Pro / Inter / Noob)
5. TF2 8v8 (Pro / Inter / Noob)
6. Starcraft 2 (Leagues)
7. Medieval Total War 2 (Complete Pack) (Pro / Inter / Noob)
8. Guitar Hero (Pro / Inter / Noob)
9. Street Fighter IV (Pro / Inter / Noob)
10. The Boat Race
11. –Mystery Emulator Challenge Tournament of Win–

You must head to your email, and find the link that will whisk you off to the RvB Signup Form, where you must make your choice.

Remember, you must be honest with your level. There are no prizes other than pride, glory & honour at stake, and no pride can be taken from beating a feeble opponent!

You can see the full list of your allies and enemies by clicking here, and the schedule will fall as follows:

Good luck brave warriors!

Choose your battles wisely, and we will see you when the time comes to prove your worth…

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Summer SLAN – Red vs Blue – Your time has come!

June 22nd, 2012 No comments


Not much remains until the commencement of Summer SLAN 2012, and with it the eternal struggle of the colours that are Red & Blue.

The battle will last days.

It will turn lifelong friends into bitter enemies.

It will bring hardcore gamers to their very knee’s… AND YET, if you have not signed up you will be but a mere spectator of this epic battle for victory.

Therefore my fellow warriors, my fellow ninjas and pirates alike, JOIN US, and become part of the battle for GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what you must do:
1. Go to your email.
2. Find the StratLAN email we sent a couple of days ago.
3. Follow the instructions.
4. Prepare for battle.

Good luck.

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Xmas SLAN: Big Games Schedule

November 30th, 2011 No comments

So here is the rough schedule for the weekend! Big games and various other bits & bobs are included, as well as BACON EVERY DAY. Win.

These are just the Big Games that we have planned ahead of time, there is nothing to say we won’t be running loads more in various other games that people want! This is subject to suggestions and change if people so desire 😀

Jump into the Forum Thread to voice any changes you would like!

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King of the LAN, Big Games, Bacon, and More!

October 24th, 2011 No comments

‘Sup everyone! It is the week of StratLAN, and we are all very ready for some serious awesomeness this coming weekend. But first though, we have some quick news ahead of the LAN to bring you up to speed!

First up, Bacon! We can confirm that we will be dishing out ‘Hangover Bacon Rolls’ every morning between 10am and 11am, to revive you for another day of gaming. These will be available from the kitchen at the staggeringly awesome price of £1 a roll. A range of sauces will be available to spruce up your baps, but its strictly first come, first serve!

Secondly, we have a Schedule of BIG GAMES for the weekend, which you can find on our Forums Post.

Thirdly, King of the LAN Rules! Here’s how it will work:

Geo will be first King.

Any player may challenge the current king on a game of their choice, the game must be on the list or otherwise sanctioned by Geo or Kharne. The King/Queen has to accept the challenge, or forfeit the crown. The Crown is then passed to the challenger and they receive 1 point. If the King wins you cannot challenge for another hour, and the King receives 1 point. If you re-challenge, you must choose a different game. The challenger list is on the white board and you must return to the back of the queue if you wish to re-challenge.

After winning a game, the new or existing king/queen of the lan must stand (In the main LAN area) and state clearly:



Further rules are posted on the King of LAN thread on the forums, which you can find here.

The base games available for King Of LAN will be:

PC (If you do not have a game, we will have 2 machines set up with them on):
SC2 (Best Of 1)
CS 1v1 (First to 10 Aim map)
COD4 1v1 (10 Mins 1v1 “TDM”)
UT2k4 1v1 (10 Mins 1v1 DM (Normal weapons or insta)
Q3A (10 Mins 1v1 DM)

CONSOLE (In the console area):
Tekken 6 (Best Of 5 Rounds)
Super Street Fighter 4 (Best Of 5 Rounds)
Guitar Hero 5 (1 song)

Plus, don’t forget to bring your game faces!

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Last chance to win Trackmania 2 with StratLAN!

October 19th, 2011 No comments

Win a Trackmania2 key!

TIME IS RUNNING OUT! You don’t have long to get your seats booked if you want to be in with a chance of winning a free copy of Trackmania 2!

You have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to get your booking sorted, or you will miss out!

However, even if you do miss out, you should still book for October StratLAN, as it’s going to be awesome. How awesome? This awesome.

Never been to a Stratlan before? Here’s some reasons why you should attend!

If you’ve been to SLAN before, we are making it even more brilliant with some rather spiffing new ideas which you might be interested in.

Head over to the StratLAN homepage for more information and to book your space today!

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October StratLAN; Now with additional Spacetime

October 17th, 2011 No comments

StratLAN now comes with more time!

StratLAN October 2011 is already shaping up to be an amazing LAN, but today we have an announcement that is sure to set the standard of awesomeness for the event as a whole.

We here at Multiplay are very pleased to announce that we have managed to secure an additional hour of spacetime for everyone at StratLAN, meaning that you get an extra hour of LAN goodness at no extra cost what-so-ever!

The additional hour will come into play on Sunday morning @ 1am, when the clocks will be turned back to midnight. Whilst this means you get an additional hour of LAN goodness at no extra monetary cost, it does mean that you will be one hour older when you return to the real world. However, we are sure that spending that additional hour at LAN will be more than worth it!

So how will you spend this additional time?

Perhaps you will spend it playing some more of the sure to be awesome Battlefield 3 on one of our amazing Official Ranked Servers? Will you spend it getting a few more drinks down in the social area? You might event decide to take on the current King of the LAN? Who knows, but make sure you spend it wisely!

Speaking of Battlefield 3, make sure you have obtained your copy as October StratLAN starts on BF3’s release day, and will surely feature heavily as the game of the weekend!

Look forward to seeing you there time travellers.

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Win a Trackmania 2 Key!

October 10th, 2011 No comments

Win a Trackmania2 key!

As if you need any more incentive to attend a StratLAN, we here at Multiplay are spoiling you lot even more!

If you book and pay for a space at StratLAN October before Wednesday 19th October you will be entered into a prize draw to win a copy of Trackmania2!

Never been to a Stratlan before? Here’s some reasons why you should attend!

If you’ve been to SLAN before, we are making it more awesome with some rather spiffing new ideas which you might be interested in.

Head over to the StratLAN homepage for more information and to book your space today!

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StratLAN – New & Improved

October 5th, 2011 No comments

StratLAN - New and Improved

StratLAN. Do you know what it is?

Have you heard the name banded around, and are vaguely aware of it, but never really given it much thought? Well, StratLAN is our smaller “Grass Roots” LAN event, held several times a year in Stratford-Upon-Avon in Warwickshire.

It’s much smaller than i-Series at just over 100 people, with the emphasis very much on gaming at it’s very best; with friends!


StratLAN October is fast approaching, and runs from 6:00pm Friday 28th October – 2:00pm Monday 31st October 2011, and there are still places available!

If you’ve only ever been to an iSeries, or never been to a LAN at all, why not try StratLAN; it’s a great place to meet new people, play lots of games in a friendly environment and have the odd drink. If you want to know more about what SLAN is about, head on over to our “What is StratLAN?” page for more info.

Head on over to our Tickets Page for more information on how to get yourself to a StratLAN!


StratLAN is now more awesome

New & Improved SLAN eh? How so?

We have been thinking; what would make a SLAN even better? What would we like to see at a LAN that we attended? How can we improve on something already so awesome?

Here’s our ideas:

1. More Big Games. It’s often something that people feed back to us, and we try very hard to ensure that we get as many big games sorted as we can. However, we are going to be putting more time & effort into making sure that we have more big matches of the games you want to play. Games on the radar so far include TF2, Blur, BF3, CSS, COD4 and UT2k4, but we will add whatever games people want to play!

2. King of LAN. A new feature to StratLAN, King of LAN will pit players head to head throughout the event, where challengers can take on the current King of LAN in a 1v1 game of their choice from the game list. If the challenger wins, they become King of LAN! The overall King will be the player that takes the most wins throughout the weekend, and will bag themselves something awesome. More detailed rules & games to follow!

3. Hangover Breakfast. It’s not unheard of that the occasional gamer will have a tipple of the good stuff during an evening of SLAN, and as a result can feel slightly “worse for wear” the following morning. But this cannot affect the days gaming! The answer? Bacon. Multiplay to the rescue! We will be putting on cooked Bacon breakfast baps for weary gamers each morning, to help you start your day of gaming right.

4. Console & Chillout Area. A big, proper, dedicated chill out area for watching films, TV, playing console games or catching up on something sad on TV on Saturday night.

5. Mass Curry Night. There are plenty of awesome take out’s in Stratford, so why miss out on the huge array of cultural cuisine on offer? We will be arranging mass orders from various take out establishments each evening, so that everyone will be able to sort out their meal for the evening.

6. Tuck Shop. The tuck shop is back to SLAN after some time away, but it won’t be anything like the size of the iSeries tuck shop! With some cans & snacks on offer, there will be enough to get you through between meals.

7. Battlefield 3. It comes out on the first night of the October SLAN, and so there will be many of the games organised for the LAN! Maybe even get some Winter SLAN Battlefield Red vs Blue on the go. Excellent!

8. More ideas. We have them. We will be releasing more info when we’ve worked out the details!

Do you have an idea we haven’t thought of? I mean, we’re pretty on this, but you know… miracles happen! If you do though, tell us over on our StraLAN Community Forums and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

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