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SLAN RvB – The time has come to make a choice…

July 3rd, 2012

Warriors. The time has come to make a choice.

Preparations for battle are well under way, and time has come for you to pick the battles you can win in order to seek out victory in the war!

The battles throughout the weekend are as follows:

1. UT2004 TAM 5v5 (Pro / Inter / Noob)
2. BLUR FFA (Pro / Inter / Noob)
3. League of Legends (Pro / Inter / Noob)
4. BF3 16vs16 (Pro / Inter / Noob)
5. TF2 8v8 (Pro / Inter / Noob)
6. Starcraft 2 (Leagues)
7. Medieval Total War 2 (Complete Pack) (Pro / Inter / Noob)
8. Guitar Hero (Pro / Inter / Noob)
9. Street Fighter IV (Pro / Inter / Noob)
10. The Boat Race
11. –Mystery Emulator Challenge Tournament of Win–

You must head to your email, and find the link that will whisk you off to the RvB Signup Form, where you must make your choice.

Remember, you must be honest with your level. There are no prizes other than pride, glory & honour at stake, and no pride can be taken from beating a feeble opponent!

You can see the full list of your allies and enemies by clicking here, and the schedule will fall as follows:

Good luck brave warriors!

Choose your battles wisely, and we will see you when the time comes to prove your worth…

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