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Feb StratLAN Incoming!

February 14th, 2012

Hello everyone!

It is now officially very MERE until StratLAN Feb, with only 3 days until the home of the bard once again plays host to a fun filled weekend of gaming goodness.

We have some cool things to announce for this SLAN, including:

– New 60mb Internet Pipe! No more Steam encroaching on our precious bandwidths throughout the weekend. However, make sure you update everything before you pack down your rig to prevent Geo and his BAN HAMMER paying you a visit.

– We are very proud to introduce our StratLAN version of BarCraft; the popular pastime of mixing SC2 and beers in what we like to call: BARDCRAFT!

Not bad eh?

After the impromptu starting of some BarCraft during Christmas SLAN, we decided to make it a bit more organised this time round, as it was so much fun!

The format for BardCraft will be essentially be that anyone who wants to take part in a small 1v1 SC2 tournament will sign up at the event, and we will create a schedule based on those players.

Then everyone gathers around the BardCraft area, and 2 players at a time go and play their game, while the rest of us watch, drink and mock.

Hopefully some of our more SC2 savvy players at the LAN will indulge us with some commentary on the match, to add some atmosphere to ocassion!

Sound like fun? Good, cus it is.

We also have a rough schedule for the weekend! It goes something like this:

Friday 17th
9pm Social Frivolity
3am ZzZzzz

Saturday 18th
11am-12noon Bacon O’ Clock (Bacon Baps £1 each in the kitchen)
1pm BIG GAME: Battlefield 3
7pm EVENT: “BardCraft II” (or Dungeon Defenders)
“Midnight MOBA”: League of Legends / DOTA2 / HoN Night

Sunday 19th
11am-12noon Bacon O’Clock
1pm BIG GAME: Team Fortress 2
4pm GAME: Left 4 Dead 2 Versus
7pm EVENT: RTS Evening! SupCom / Age Of Empires / Warcraft 3 / Starcraft II (Monobattles) / RTS of choice evening.
“Midnight Movies”

Monday 20th
11am-12noon Bacon O’Clock
1pm GAME: Blur
4pm END OF LAN :'(

So there we go! Make sure you remember all your cables, games, plugs, glasses, headphones, phone chargers, pillows, towels, mouse mats, beer, food, toothpaste, shower gel, monitors and kettle leads, and we’ll see you at the weekend! *\o/*

The Multiplay Team

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