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Sign-ups for StratLAN Feb 2012 now open!

December 15th, 2011

Sign-ups for StratLAN Feb 2012 are now open! Why not head over to our ticket booking page and secure your ticket today.

Tickets cost just £52 and the event starts 6pm Friday 17th until 2pm Monday 20th February, that’s just 77p per hour of LAN gaming, that’s a bargain!

Why attend a StratLAN? Well here are just a few of the reasons we think you should!

More Big Games. It’s often something that people feed back to us, and we try very hard to ensure that we get as many big games sorted as we can. However, we are going to be putting more time & effort into making sure that we have more big matches of the games you want to play. Games on the radar so far include TF2, Blur, BF3, CSS, COD4 and UT2k4, but we will add whatever games people want to play!

Hangover Breakfast. It’s not unheard of that the occasional gamer will have a tipple of the good stuff during an evening of SLAN, and as a result can feel slightly “worse for wear” the following morning. But this cannot affect the days gaming! The answer? Bacon. Multiplay to the rescue! We will be putting on cooked Bacon breakfast baps for just £1 a bap each morning, to help you start your day of gaming right.

Console & Chillout Area. A big, proper, dedicated chill out area for watching films, TV, playing console games or catching up on something sad on TV on Saturday night.

Tuck Shop. The tuck shop is back to SLAN after some time away, but it won’t be anything like the size of the iSeries tuck shop! With some cans & snacks on offer, there will be enough to get you through between meals.

Bring your own alcohol. Enough said 😀

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