September 27th, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that people often ask us about StratLAN.

If you can’t find the answer to your question on here, then why not head over to our StratLAN Community Forum and ask away!

What games are played at StratLAN?
A huge range of games are played at StratLANs. The usual big names will have a showing, such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, UT2004, TF2 but we really do go round a huge number of games over the event. If there’s a game which you want to play, you should be able to quickly round up a few others from the event to join you. If you need help with this come speak to the organisers at the event and we’ll try our best to help get it going.

Is there an age limit?
StratLAN does not carry an official age limit, but we tend to cater for those over 16. If you are desperate to come but you’re 15 or under, it’s best for the organisers to have a chat with your parents / guardians before you book so that we can explain how these events work. You will also need to obtain a parental consent form from us. Please note this form must be completed fully and signed by the parent or guardian before being admitted to the event.

When can I arrive?
StratLAN officially begins at 6pm. Please do not arrive before then. If you turn up before then you will be tasked with manual labour setting up the event!

Can I bring my own food and drink?
StratLAN’s at the Stratford Racecourse really are bring your own affairs. You are permitted to bring in your own food and also your own alcohol into the venue. Limited catering facilities are available, such as hot water, a microwave and limited fridge space. Please treat these facilities with respect and leave them in the state you found them.

For many of our StratLAN events we have a BBQ running for a couple of the nights. This is usually priced at around £7 and includes a wide range of quality local meat from the local butcher. A true celebration for meat-eaters and a great social occasion.

Amenities nearby include several supermarkets, and a number of takeaways deliver to the venue during the event.

What washing facilities are there?
At Stratford racecourse there are showers available. These are coin-operated so you need to bring 50p coins along with you. One 50p coin gives you roughly 5-7 minutes so we suggest bringing a few pounds worth for the event. There are separate male and female shower blocks.

Where can I sleep?
The venue has separate sleeping areas but also a large camping area. We strongly advise people to camp if possible, due to the limited amount of space within the venue for sleeping. You’ll also get a better nights sleep in a tent than in a room of 30+ snoring away.

If you’re sleeping inside don’t forget your sleeping bag and any other bedding gear such as inflatable mattresses. Space is at a premium so please don’t bring double inflatable beds, just single size or camp beds.

Earplugs are also a very good idea if you choose to sleep inside.

Can I bring my dual monitors?
No, unfortunately (like the i-Series) there isn’t adequate space to allow for everyone to bring dual monitors.

This may encroach on your neighbours desk space and they may feel uncomfortable asking you to move it.

Additionally, historically dual screens have drawn substantially more power than may be available.

Multiplay feel it isn’t fair to allow some people, but not others, so please do not bring more than one monitor.

Can I bring my mini fridge?
No. Sorry.

There is a large walk in fridge available for attendees in the kitchen of the Paddock Suite (where StratLAN is normally situated at Stratford Racecourse).

Plugging in mini fridges (or other electrical items other then PC/laptop/monitor/phone chargers) may overload the system and knock out your entire row!